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Force 8 can now offer you a new way to work, with our range of garden room / office, fully fitted and insulated.

Established in 1988 – Over 30 Years
Extended until the end of October 2021

Force 8 Home Office

In today’s new normal many people have change they’re working practice and have abandoned the office environment and are now working from home? The corner of the spare bedroom or part of the dining room table may suffice for the moment, but with most of these temporary changes now becoming permanent, its important to organise your self in a better environment. If you do not have the space, or do not want to face the expense and paperwork of a full extension, there is another option. The Garden Office from Force 8 is an ideal solution, it’s a one-stop answer, and it does not require any planning permission and stays well within any building regulations.

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    Fully Insulated and Glazed

    Our garden rooms can be used for a verity of purposes; they are insulated and fitted with the latest double-glazing, so they can be used all year round. The most common use is a home office; you can use a spare room in your house, creating a special place in your garden with one of our building gives a separation from work and home life. The will allow a more balanced life style. If you are thinking of starting a business, but are struggling to find premises, the garden room can be the perfect answer, and will give a more professional look and feel to your new venture.


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